Wednesday, April 29, 2009


When you are about what you do, enthusiasm carries you through. When you are passionate, no one else has to motivate you.

If you open your dream restaurant, and no one comes to eat, you keep trying new recipes, ideas and locations until the place is crammed. If you run out of money first, you take your enthusiasm to someone who has more money than you – and you get a partner. You go through frustrations – and a few chefs – but in your heart, you know you’re on course. Sure you need plenty of determination, but your passion is your foundation.

Vitality comes from a sense of purpose. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to other people to do what excites you. There are already enough lukewarm people to do what excites you. They are already enough lukewarm people in the world who get burned out without having been on fire.

Following your dream is no guarantee of an easy ride. Life usually becomes more challenging, but you embark on an outer journey which starts the inner journey. You have a chance to blossom – to see who you really are.

Wherever you are, you aren’t stuck – you are a human being, not a tree!


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