Thursday, April 30, 2009


If you want something, give it away! Does that sound crazy? You get more of what you want, by giving away some of what you have. When a farmer wants more seeds, he takes his seeds and gives them to the earth. When you want a smile, you give yours. When you want affection, you give affection. When you help people, they help you. When you want a smack in the mouth, you smack someone?!=) And if you want people to give you money, share some of yours.

Think about it. If attachment hinders the flow of good things into you life, then the opposite of that would be unattachment – to the point where we give away some of what we value. What you give away will tend to come back to you.

The balance in your bank book is not the measure of your abundance. Abundance is what’s circulating through your life. Prosperity is a flow – giving and receiving. If you have a fortune in Swiss deposits, and you’re not using it, then it’s not enriching you. Technically, it’s yours, but in reality you’re receiving nothing from it. It’s not making you abundant and it might as well belong to someone else. So the principle of give and receive holds, even here.

The trick to giving is to give without wanting anything back. If you expect something back, you are attached to a result – and when you are attached, less happens.

And you should enjoy your material possessions? Of course! Just make sure you own them and they don’t own you.


Issa on June 12, 2009 at 8:26 AM said...

"Giving is to give without wanting anything back.."

I think this one truly works. I like your succinct explanation. Thanks for this!

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