Thursday, June 11, 2009

Formula Feeding

When and how to use it.

Breastfeeding should be your first choice whenever possible but
certain circumstances like health problems, inadequate lactation, infant dietary problems, traveling schedules, may prevent you from doing so. Some mothers choose alternative feeding methods such as using an infant formula product. Commercial infant formula is a sound, nutritious substitute or supplement to breast milk and can meet your infant’s nutritional requirements.

Some guides to proper formula feeding:

Always keep bottles, nipples and caps clean. Scrub them with hot, soapy water and a bottle brush. Squeeze water through the holes in the nipples. Rinse well with hot water. Protect until sterilized by putting them upside down on a rack or in a sterilizer. Keep nipples and caps in a clean jar. Wash all other articles. Use and keep covered until time to sterilize. To sterilize, place bottles and utensils in a sterilizer with water. Boil for five minutes. Boil the nipples and caps in a separate small pan for only three minutes to avoid weakening the rubber. You may also place the nipples in a cheesecloth bag, tie the bag, boil with other articles and remove after 3 minutes. Remove all articles with tongs and place on a clean surface (it may be fresh cloth or paper towel).

To prepare infant formula, place the specified amount of pre-boiled water in the number of sterilized bottles needed for the day. Include a bottle for baby’s drinking. Screw the caps tightly and keep at room temperature until ready to feed. Don’t refrigerate. At feeding time, add the prescribed amount of milk powder into one bottle of sterilized water using the measuring scoop. Keep the scoop dry and clean in a separate covered glass jar. Recap the bottle, shake gently for 30 seconds and feed the baby.


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